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[TenTec] House wiring

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Subject: [TenTec] House wiring
From: kr4wm@bigfoot.com (Web Williams)
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 10:02:37 -0400
I'm assuming that there are some of us who, although they may know a 
great deal about electronics, may not know how to tell if a home outlet 
is wired properly. Apparently, an incorrectly wired outlet may be the 
source of some problems with Ten Tec (an probably ALL other) electronic 
equipment. So- I offer this information as an aid to determining if 
your outlets are wired properly:

   A  |     |  B


Looking at this likeness of an outlet, you should be able to use your 
AC voltmeter, set to a suitably high range, (after checking for the 
usual items such as frayed test leads, etc.) to check it. From B to C, 
you should show roughly 117 volts, depending on where you live in the 
U.S. In Myrtle Beach S.C. it will be about 130+ volts in the motel area, 
and will taper down to 109- in some residential areas. This + and - 
signs mean it may be more or less, not negative volts or positive volts. 
(I'm stating this for the benefits of (as W6AAQ calls them) no-code 
extras. Sorry if I insult any of you, it's not MY phrase!) From B to A 
you should detect the SAME voltage as from B to C. If not, there -may- 
be a fault with your ground, which is supposed to be connected to C, or 
your neutral, which is connected to A. Now check from A to C. You should 
show 0 volts unless you have a problem, as these wires are (usually) 
bonded together inside the panel box. 220 outlets are a different beast. 
If anyone needs to know how to test them, ask me and I'll reply direct 
(or to the reflector, depending on response). As a disclaimer, let me 
state that just because you know about electronics doesn't necessarily 
qualify you as an electrician. If you detect any anomalies in the above 
tests, please contact a qualified electrician or your local electric 
company and have them verify your readings. And PLEASE don't touch the 
metal part of the test probes when you stick them into the outlet!!!
(Yes, I'm shell-shocked by all the "flying lawsuits"!!!)
NOTE: I take no responsibility for your actions!
73, -Web in Myrtle Beach, SC

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