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[TenTec] FS: TenTec Delta 580 and 280 PS

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Subject: [TenTec] FS: TenTec Delta 580 and 280 PS
From: vlegare@gnv.fdt.net (Vin Legare)
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 19:35:20 -0400
 Some background may be applicable

    As a follow up to my previous message, the 580 covers all HF bands,
including the WARC.   As far as I know, it provides for two options: the
addition of a 500 or 250 Htz CW filter, and a noise blanker.  This rig is
stock, it does not have either option. It has the audio filters built in and
switchable in conjunction with the IF filters. It has the original manual, a
bit dog eared!
     I've used the 580 on both SSB and CW and have rcv'd many fine reports,
both on audio and on keying.  The QSK is typically TT good, the rcvr is
sensitive, and the IF/audio filters match up very well.  Excellent
selectivity on CW. 
     The cabinet has a few scratches on top near the back of the set; the
front panel is clean except for a small mark/indentation to the left of the
drive control (which isn't too noticeable). 
     I would keep this rig, except that I had the opportunity to pick up a
Corsair, so this is one more rig than what I need.  I now run 3 rigs, a 50's
TBS50D with homebrew rcvr (octal tubes), mobile with a TS50, and the
Corsair.  The Corsair is my 5th TenTec. I like rigs that are fun to operate.
I also have a Kenwood T & R 599 vintage set which will eventually go on the
     My call started out as WN1TUJ in July 1951, I was one of the first
novices. Operated on 3735 Khz for a long time.  Got my class B license
(general) in September and the following year - the class A (equivalent to
the Advanced, there was no extra then).  Also held calls W3CQP, KB6RM,
KA2VL(Japan), KQ4DZ and AF4FW before getting the W1TUJ back.         
          Hope I haven't bored you too much, just felt a bit nostaligic
      73  Vin   W1TUJ  

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