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[TenTec] Model 1220 memory glitch

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Subject: [TenTec] Model 1220 memory glitch
From: tracy.ferrell@rss.rockwell.com (tracy.ferrell@rss.rockwell.com)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:58:34 -0700
Hi, all,
I just ran across this list and am hoping that someone can help
me with a little problem I'm having with my recently built 1220
2 Meter transceiver. Twice now, it has lost its memory. I think
it was associated with switching between power levels (which
goes through the off position). It has a good 9 volt battery, the
large electrolytic on the DC supply, and the 35 Watt add-on
amplifier. It's not like the memory is corrupted. It's like the
memory has been cleared. Any ideas?

Other than this, I think it is a great kit. I got my money's worth
just from building it. I only wish Ten-Tec offered their HF
transceivers in kit form.

Thanks in advance for any response,

Tracy KF6POM (Yep, brand spanking new!)
............................in Sunny San Diego, CA, USA

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