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Subject: [TenTec] Kachina
From: FSWF37A@prodigy.com ( JAMES T BRANNIGAN)
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 20:00:07, -0500
Hi Mike, 
The Kachina looks like a nifty rig...but
Why buy a radio in a computer and give up a radio in a box with the 
tuning knobs and switches we are all used to..
With the OMNI VI+ you can have both...computer control for contesting 
or just fool'in around and the ability to hunch over the radio, 
twiddling knobs, digging out those weak ones!!! oh yes, and get a 
super radio to boot!!!
Besides, I've spent a lot of time keeping RF out of the computer..it 
makes me a little queezy putting it in..
and keep the Drakes.."real radios glow in the dark" I keep a Collins 
S-line and R-390 around for nostalgia..

73, Jim WB2TPS

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