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[TenTec] QRO, QRP and Courtesy

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Subject: [TenTec] QRO, QRP and Courtesy
From: N4NT@bigfoot.com (Michael O. Hyder)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:08:40 -0400
QRO means, "please increase your power."

QRP means, "please decrease your power."

We believe ourselves to be gentlemen (and ladies).

If a person said to me, "I am hard of hearing, could you speak up?"  it
would be RUDE to continue to whisper.  If I answer your 100 watt CQ with
5 watts and you give me a 239 report, then I know it is you who are
straining to make the circuit possible.  If you send QRO and I cannot,
then courtesy would seem to dictate that I bow out gracefully.

So I call CQ at my typical 50 or 100 watt output and get some
dyed-in-the-wool QRP operator.  Ask him to QRO and he takes it
personally -- geez.  My suggestion to such folks is to call your own
darn CQ.  Take the challenge of QRP yourself, instead of subjecting
others to it.

By the way, these days I am running one of two Argosy rigs, usually at
50 watts.  Sometimes, I will switch to 5 watts if the other fellow is
running that power.  But I can go to 500 with the flip of a switch, too.
I am not opposed to low power operation.  Guys (and gals), please use
your heads with this QRP stuff, for what may be your fun may be at
another's expense.

Regards,  Mike      N4NT@bigfoot.com
     Michael O. Hyder, Esq.
     401 E Holston Ave
     Johnson City  TN  37601-4009
     (423) 232-6453

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