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[TenTec] Delta 580 Transceiver Station

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Subject: [TenTec] Delta 580 Transceiver Station
From: knoxr@cc.tacom.army.mil (COL Richard Knox)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:51:49 -0400
 Good Afternoon!
     I just picked up a Delta 580 Transceiver station complete with 
 the 234 Speech Processor and the 283 Remote VFO, and their original 
 manuals.  It all appears to be in excellent cosmetic condition and I 
 will put it into operation tonight to check out its performance.
     I have two questions for the group:
       First, the manual says I need two additional oscillator 
 crystals to work the 17 Meter and 12 Meter Bands.  Are these easy to 
 find and how much do they cost?
       Second, the person selling me this station wants $570 for 
 it...that sounds reasonable to me, but I'd like the Group's opinion.
     Thanks in advance for any guidance/input you can give me.
            73!  Dick Knox  KD4BRL

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