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[TenTec] To Answer or Not to Answer, that is the Question

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Subject: [TenTec] To Answer or Not to Answer, that is the Question
From: Pparker@greatbasin.net (Jack Parker)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:41:16 -0700
At 01:36 PM 4/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Allen wants me to answer his down in the mud signal so he can work
>Tennessee on QRP.  Jack implies that if I answer, I am saying I am
>willing to ragchew and if I am not, then I should not answer.  I feel
>"Torn Between Two Lovers."  Jack does have more posted credentials,
>though.  Me, I'm an amateur through and through.  I do this stuff just
>for the fun of it.  As one person told me, "An amateur built the ark --
>professionals built the Titanic!"

A couple of comments and I'll cease and desist on this thread....

1) I post "credentials" so that others may see what my interests are...I've
run across professional and amateur astronomers, broadcast engineers and
others as the result of their signature content. It is a most useful concept.

2) If one is not interested in the other fellows rig, antenna and QTH, why
in God's nanme do you even call CQ?

Jack, W7PW
(note...PC...no posted credentials)

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