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Subject: [TenTec] Paddles
From: g.bold@auckland.ac.nz (Gary E. J. Bold)
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 12:54:56 +1200
Hi all,

I write the "Morseman" column in the NZART (New Zealand)
Ham journal "Break-In".  Recently, ZLs have been contacting
me to find out where they can buy keyer paddles.  I found out,
to my surprise, that neither Bencher nor Vibroplex have agents
in New Zealand.  We have to import.  Before advising people,
I'd like some advice:

Two questions:

1. What paddles are you all using now?   How do you like them?

2. I have a cherished Brown Brothers iambic paddle I love, bought in
the USA in 1977.   I hear now that they are out of business.  Is this

I suspect, from comments I hear, that a number of others might
like to read comments on paddles as well.

Incidentally, is everybody aware of the excellent small PIC-based
keyers made by Steve, K1EL?  See


Disclaimer:   No relation, no business interest, I just like his products.

73, Gary ZL1AN.

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