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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Paddles
From: rosenberg.eric@Orbcomm.COM (rosenberg.eric@Orbcomm.COM)
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 98 16:10:47 -0500
     Brown Brothers is long gone.
     I use a VBL paddle. This is a most wonderful device. It is a vertical 
     unit...hard to describe but solid (and as heavy) as a rock. 
     From overhead it looks a like a squared off "U" with the paddle 
     mechanics coming off the flat part, which faces forward.  I'd draw it 
     if I could...forgive me as I am on the road and am running off of a 
     It can be configured as a twin or songle-paddle device as you see fit. 
     Again, it is Wonderful!
     73, Eric W3DQ
     through 5/18: ZS6/W3DQ (Johannesburg)

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