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From: MCHOATE@postoffice.worldnet.att.net (Mark AA0YY Choate)
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 18:32:52 -0500
Hello Gary, 
        Alot of folks have told you abt the"V2L, V22, and the MERCURY". If you
like to see a picture of all these keys you can go to;


and view a digital picture of them. the V2L and V22 are "WBL DESIGNS".
Both the Mercury and the WBL design paddles along with others can be
viewed here.

My two cents worth. I own a set of V2L, Vibroplex Iambics and bencher
paddles. My elmer owns a set of Mercury's and I have operated with it.
In my opinion the Mercury is by far "THE BEST" but are no longer
available. Bencher Inc. has supposively purchased the Mercury design an
are going to start making the key in the future. The Mercury
construction is the most sturdy/solid/quality of all and I dont even
think that is an opinion but is pure fact. between the Vibroplex and
V2L, I love them both. Vibro has a little higher finger position off the
table deck but both are made with great quality.

gud Luck, Mark

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