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[TenTec] The Sting on the Reflector

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Subject: [TenTec] The Sting on the Reflector
From: e.g.j-smith@isp.com (David Wilderman)
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 19:44:58 -0700
To all honest Ten Tec fans on the Reflector; perhaps we should tar and
feather this guy like they did in the old days (referring to the "Jon" in
Hollywood, FL.). No one likes to be taken for a "ride". Most of us are
honest, but there are always a few "bad apples" in the barrel. Do the right
thing Mr. X, send what they paid for or return their money orders!!! I have
also had very good experiences buying Ten Tec gear on the Reflector, but I
know someday it may happen to me. Perhaps, we should place a warning on the
site to beware of this con artist!! Maybe, we should delete his ads before
they do any harm.

Bob Wilderman

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