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[TenTec] Caveat Emptor--It Only Takes One -Reply

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Subject: [TenTec] Caveat Emptor--It Only Takes One -Reply
From: rsellers@mail.rkd.snds.com (Roger Sellers)
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 12:09:24 -0500
In an effort to get the SIG back on track and back to the good stuff:

If you and others that purchased from the guy sent money via US Mail, the Postal
General's office can be contacted. They don't look too kindly on verifiable 
of fraud where the USPO is used as the transportation medium. They should help.

In the manner of posting the guy's name:
  I got stung in a similar manner a number of years ago on something purchased
via Internet. most my transaction with online contacts have been good. The guy
that burned me also effected others. One person posted all the pertinent
information in a SIG. It did force the guy eventually to make good or refund
money and clean up his act. It also made people afraid or resentful of making
purchases from online contacts. As a result, simple purchase exchanges got to
become extremely difficult. Sellers don't like shipping products out "collect"
because guys have figured how to get products with bogus funds, and they don't
like to wait for weeks for funds from shippers. The buyers don't like prepaying
for something and then waiting for checks to clear before products are shipped.
That's plenty of time to have a buyer take their money and disappear.
  Now, say you post the guys name. You shame him into correcting the deals and 
does. How inclined are you to post a retraction or correction because he has 
right by you. Most guys aren't so eager to make the later post. It's a known 
that by nature of SIG's, messages posted can be searched and read later for
years. That means the guy that got blasted, still gets negative press long after
he's done the right thing. That message can't be deleted by a user. That could
open another legal can of worms in the future. How many of you are willing to
take that responsibility. In this case, if you have no solid proof the guy is
lying about some emergency that prevents him from completing the transaction, 
may be raising a lot of ruckus for nothing.
  I'm not defending the guy (who ever he is), or his actions. I'm just giving
some food for thought. If your that paranoid of getting burned on an online
transaction, don't venture into it in the first place. If you do enter, your
taking a known risk. There has been enough information already posted about this
particular situation, any one of us can read the archives and find the name of
the parties involved, if we are so inclined. If I'm not willing to take the
effort to look up the information myself, am I "really" concerned? Does somebody
really need to post the name of a guy that already did so himself by offering 
items in question for sale? That's one of the benefits of reading archives.

Now.... can we get back to some radio discussions?

Roger Sellers  N5EEA
email: rsellers@snds.com

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