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Subject: [TenTec] Re:Caveat Emptor
From: n2ka@juno.com (Arthur R Bernstein)
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 01:36:54 EDT
Dear Fellow Reflectivites,
I've been a ham for almost 37 years and have found for the most part 
that we're a pretty honest bunch of  "characters." As in any other
endeavor, there are a few worms. It seems on a percentage basis hams
would be a bit more honest than the general populace. Over the years I've
had numerous dealings with other hams via the mails and only had a
problem once. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately  for the other guy he
was in the next state to me. I fixed that up in a hurry when this guy saw
me at his front door. I simply smiled at him and politely asked  for the
item I had purchased and never received. The poor guy, my age,  started
to get very nervous and I thought he'd have a coronary. I thought this
was great, as I hadn't even threatened him yet!! (I never threaten people
as it then gives them an opportunity to get away, devise a plan or have
you arrested!) Apparently someone unexpectedly invading his private
little world was extremely uncomfortable. Bottom line,  I got my money
back in cash. Obviously there is some risk in doing this. This guy could
be a psycho and blow you away or unleash his pit bull on you. The other
problem is distance vs. cost involved. Just might not be worth it, unless
you have a convincing person who lives near the sleazebag.
For long distance problems, don't threaten to contact the police or
postal authorities--
I recently assisted someone I know in California track down someone in NY
who had defrauded his client out of approximately $8000 in CDs.
Unfortunately we didn't catch the guy, he's still on the run, but what a
pittance to pay to totally screw up your life for perhaps years to come.
There are almost invariably excuses (a few may be true.) In this last
case I contacted the wife (allegedly separated) who was so afraid of
being a
party to the fraud, that she was very cooperative  (after screaming at me
for about ten minutes and then learning what it was about!!)
Regarding payment, if I'm selling something-I insist on USPO Money
Orders. I cash them at my local P.O. as soon as I get them.
I hope some found this amusing. I'm not an enforcer or knucklebreaker,
though I do work in a form of law enforcement and deal with a lot of
Art, N2KA. .

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