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"Bahr, Casey" <casey.bahr@intel.com>: RE: [TenTec] CaveatEmptor--It Only

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Subject: "Bahr, Casey" <casey.bahr@intel.com>: RE: [TenTec] CaveatEmptor--It Only Takes One
From: MCHOATE@postoffice.worldnet.att.net (Your Name)
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 05:45:15 -0500
k8cv@juno.com wrote:
> Ok guys, if you are only saving $10 or $15 smacker off the price of a new
> filter, why not save the wear and tear and just get a new filter from
> TenTec?
> Walt k8cv
I think you may have missed the point here Walt.\
Dave is being ripped off by a thief known as Jon from Hollywood Florida
and is trying to warn us.
I have purchase filters via this reflector and found the going rate to
be half the cost of new which was a 50 dollar savings for me. But
regardless if its $10, $15 or $50 dollars savings, this Hollywood
Florida Jon is a thief and I am glad Dave spoke up and warned us.

73, Mark
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