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[TenTec] Frequence alignment of Omni V

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Subject: [TenTec] Frequence alignment of Omni V
From: marc.huertas@itin.fr (HUERTAS Marc)
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 14:49:37 +0200
Dan Baldwin wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what is the best (and easiest) method for aligning the
> frequency of the Omni V ? Also how often is it needed for this transceiver ?

Hi Dan,

Here is a few words about my experiments on adjusting frequency on my
omni V :

I had a mismatch in the carrier oscillator and my lsb didn't
sound like my usb. There was also a little carrier (1W closing the ptt
and rapidly decreasing to 500mW).

I had to tune first the carrier oscillator properly for lsb and usb (bfo
board). I
used a ic706 approaching a little coax loop to tune that (9.000.00Mhz
and 9.003.00Mhz).
Then I locked the tx "on" with no mic connected and adjust for null
carrier on usb and lsb (also on bfo board). You have to tune two
variable pot. be careful,
everything is interdependent. so you must repeat several time the tuning
switching from lsb to usb.
I monitor the carrier with the same coax loop connected to my ic706
receiving on the omni transmit freq.

After that you can check each band oscillator (I don't remember the
board reference, I'm at my office and don't have the manual here !). You
may have to accept a compromise : the same ascillator is used for 20m
and for 80m, so it may happen that you tune properly for one band and
one mode and there's a small mismatch on the other band in the other

This is the case here because my bfo is not exactly tuned for the proper
freq. on lsb, this is because I prefer to adjust this in order to be
able to have a good sound even when using the narrow filters on the 9Mhz

I think all these adjustments must be carefully done, and it is very
simple to do it by yourself on a tentec.
This is why I love my rig, it works well and I can understand why.
I can't imagine doing the same adjustment in the little ic706 !

Hope this will help you, don't hesitate to ask for any further info, I'm
not sure to be very clear in my explanations !

73 de Marc f6iiv.

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