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Subject: [TenTec] RE: Freight collect
From: gaskoub@mhtc.net (George Skoubis)
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 09:31:14 -0700
  UPS ships COD on any domestic package, Ground or air.  You must pay
the shipping charges then get reimbursed after a couple of weeks (you
tell the clerk when you're sending the package to add the shipping
charges onto the amount you are selling your equipment for).
  The exception is International Packages, I sent a HF amplifier to
Italy a month ago UPS, the shipping charges were 178.00, UPS, DHL, and
USPS don't offer COD overseas so you just hope you get your money.  I
received the money for the amp and shipping a few days after he received
it (had it wired to my bank account), but you can get stuck for the
whole amount!
  If you are in a rural area and ask the UPS driver to stick around
while you open the package he probably will, can't guarantee it, but it
depends on your driver. Then if there is a brick in it he will probably
let you send it back to the shipper. Good luck!!
  I've been lucky so far, I've sold 5 items over the internet this year
and have let the buyers all use personal checks for the COD (you can
specify whether you will only accept cash or money order or personal
checks), so far all the checks have been good and the international
package buyer had the money wired back right away.
  I guess it all boils down to the fact that if you absolutely can't
afford to lose the money don't trust anyone, I would be mad if someone
didn't send back a good check or if the International package didn't
wire me back my money but I wouldn't have sent the package in the first
place if I would have been risking the grocery money!!
  73, George / KF9YR

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