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[TenTec] Caveat Emptor--Resolution.

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Subject: [TenTec] Caveat Emptor--Resolution.
From: DHHDEH@concentric.net (David H. Hammond)
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:32:38 -0400
Hi Everyone,

I promised not to take up anymore bandwidth on this issue unless a
resolution was forthcoming.  It has.

In today's mail via Certified Mail I received a new Postal Money Order
payable to myself for the original amount that I sent Jon plus $2.00 for
expenses.  This was mailed on June 2, l998 the day after my original
listing about this situation.

Am I surprised?  Yes.  It is apparent to me that pressure brought to
bear through this reflector and its readers contributed to this

To all of you who lent support through e-mail I express my thanks.  To
those of you who most probably assisted quietly with additional
influence and pressure my sincere gratitude for your efforts as well. I
do not believe that this would have been resolved without the collective
response of this reflector's readers.

And finally to you, Jon, my thanks for stepping up and doing the right

73 fer ne de N1LQ-Dave

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