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[TenTec] Info on Omni C, Delta 580 and Corsair

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Subject: [TenTec] Info on Omni C, Delta 580 and Corsair
From: vlegare@gnv.fdt.net (Vin Legare)
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 21:38:44 -0400
DavidC  AA1FA & TenTec Gang,

     You asked about the subject rcvrs, at one time I've owned each of these
and here's some info from my notes:

                           Omni C       Delta 580    Corsair I

dynamic range (db)          90           85          90                
sensitivity                better       good         best    
if selectivity             2.4,1.8,500  2.4,500      2.4,1.8,500,250   
                           (8 poles)    (4/8 poles)    (up to 16 poles)    
                           1 if         1 if         2 if freqs       
bandpass tuning            no           no           yes                
noise blanker              yes          optional     yes/adjustable   
audio filter               yes          yes          no                 
carrier supression (db)    60           50           60                
fone patch jacks           yes          no           yes             
offset tuning (khz)        +/- 4 or .5  +/- 1        +/- 4 or .5            
Linear Switching           front panel  no           no
(for Herc 444)
Current market value($   ) 350-500      450-600      600-750     
Best noise blanker         enh!         none used    better than enh! 
Fun to operate(1-10)       10           10           10          
Best for CW (1-10)          8            7           10                  
Best sounding SB audio     10            8            9 
If I could only own one                               yes 

    There is a signifcant difference in the construction of the Delta 580
from the Omni and Corsair.  Both the Corsair and Omni C have the typical TT
plug in boards while the Delta has large board that is more difficult to
work on.  

    Hope this helps Dave,  most of these comments are opinions gained
through on the air use of each rig.     

    I saw some good comments last year on the reflector, you might want to
look into the archives.

Vin  W1TUJ  Gainesville, FL


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