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[TenTec] Ten-Tec vs. Other Radios - Apology

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Subject: [TenTec] Ten-Tec vs. Other Radios - Apology
From: nw9g@netusa1.net (W9SN)
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 22:58:36 -0500
Dale L. Martin wrote:
> Bravo, Winston!!
> There seems to be some snobbishness on this reflector associated
> with the ownership of Ten-Tec equipment over offshore equipment.
> The same kind of attitude is what caused me to drop off the CW
> reflector--too many on there who felt that anyone who used a mode
> other than CW was less of a ham and they voiced that position too
> often for my taste.
> It seems to me that if someone asks me for a comparison of a
> couple of radios not associated with this reflector, I wouldn't
> bash the equipment and/or denigrate the questioner for asking on
> the 'wrong' reflector.
> Why cannot we, as Ten-Tec owners, take the high road and simply
> direct the person to the right place where he/she can find the
> information being sought?  Maybe their impression and thoughts
> about Ten-Tec equipment might be influenced by their treatment
> here on the reflector.
> I own four Ten-Tec radios and three offshore radios (2 each
> 2591's, Omni VI+, Delta II, IC-25A, TR-7845, TR-7950).  I also
> used to own a Model 544, TS-130S, and a TS-930S.  The club
> station at work has an FT-1000, IC-781, and TS-950 (and each
> radio's associated big amplifier).  I have enjoyed operating them
> all.  I don't think any of the offshore radios deserve some of
> the comments I have heard on this reflector.  Each one has
> plusses and minuses, but all are good radios in their own way and
> right.
> I also like the idea by one person to ask the questioner to
> consider the Scout in the comparison.  Nice touch.
> Let's show a positive face to those folks who are not so inclined
> towards Ten-Tec (whether out of lack of knowledge or experience)
> and, with positive and supportive comments, maybe they will
> include Ten-Tec radios in their decision-making process.
> 73,
> Dale Martin, KG5U
> kg5u@hal-pc.org
> http://www.hal-pc.org/~kg5u
> -

Maybe I should back-step here just a bit.  I didn't mean to sound
so harsh to the gentleman inquiring about the rice boxes.  Yes, I am
passionate about my Ten Tec's here and every piece of gear I own
is USA made except for an Icom 2meter mobile I purchased new last year
that gives me nothing but troubles. No, I am not on a rice box 
bashing spree now but really wanted to apologize if I came down too
rough on the gentleman but actually, he would be best off on the Icom
or some reflector that has more to do with those rigs.  
.......with all due respects......that is!..

Keep Ten Tec'n.....

                                Steve Narducci                 
                        Amateur Radio Station -  W9SN
                          All Ten Tec Equiptment         
                          Toys for "Real" CW Men     

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