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[TenTec] Ten-Tec vs. Other Radios

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Subject: [TenTec] Ten-Tec vs. Other Radios
From: ERSchley@worldnet.att.net (Emory R. Schley)
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 14:42:55 +0100
Dale L. Martin wrote:
> Bravo, Winston!!
> There seems to be some snobbishness on this reflector associated
> with the ownership of Ten-Tec equipment over offshore equipment.
> The same kind of attitude is what caused me to drop off the CW
> reflector--too many on there who felt that anyone who used a mode...

   And "Bravo" to you, too, Dale. There is far too much sniping on the 
Internet. The 
anonymity of the 'Net makes it much easier to be rude and discourteous to 
others, and to 
treat strangers the way our mothers never intended for us to do.
   Amateur Radio USED to be marked by the gentlemen you found among its ranks. 
Too bad 
that no longer seems to be the case. We're all the poorer for the loss. 
   I own a Ten-Tec and have owned several more in the past, along with Kenwood, 
and Yaesu. As you said, they ALL (INCLUDING the Ten-Tecs) have their pluses and 

            73, Emory

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