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[TenTec] Caveat Emptor: Conclusion

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Subject: [TenTec] Caveat Emptor: Conclusion
From: DHHDEH@concentric.net (David H. Hammond)
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 18:12:44 -0400
Hi Everyone,

Many of you read and some responded to the previous postings regarding
my serious differences with a ham named Jon from Hollywood, Fla..  Since
my last posting, Jon and I have had several exchanges via e-mail.

While we do not agree on the facts of this matter, we have appeared to
reach an understanding that this problem was caused by poor
communication which caused it to escalate over time. It was regrettable.

I want it to be clear that Jon has made this transaction complete and
final with me through the return of my money and small additional
consideration for expenses.  As a result I now consider this transaction
satisfactorily completed and closed.

As this transaction is now complete, our problem should not influence 
dealings that you may wish to pursue with Jon in the future.  Jon enjoys
trading in TenTec gear as we all do and differences between us should
not diminish his opportunity to do so.

Thanks to Bob KQ7J

73 fer nw de N1LQ-Dave

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