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Subject: [TenTec] TenTec Home Page
From: W4NL-KA4S@worldnet.att.net (L. L. Lamb)
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 20:15:39 -0400
Nice "page" JB...tks.. 73, Lynn W4NL   

At 07:14 AM 6/9/98 -0400, J. B.  EDMONDS wrote:
>Sorry for the 404 messages, the server took a hit.  Hard Drive went bad
>in the Compaq Server.
>The server is back up with no noticeable problems.
>73 and Happy Surfing
>FAQ on WWW:               http://www.contesting.com/tentecfaq.htm
>Submissions:              tentec@contesting.com
>Administrative requests:  tentec-REQUEST@contesting.com
>Problems:                 owner-tentec@contesting.com
>Search:                   http://www.contesting.com/km9p/search.htm

FAQ on WWW:               http://www.contesting.com/tentecfaq.htm
Submissions:              tentec@contesting.com
Administrative requests:  tentec-REQUEST@contesting.com
Problems:                 owner-tentec@contesting.com
Search:                   http://www.contesting.com/km9p/search.htm

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