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[TenTec] Caveat Emptor: Conclusion

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Subject: [TenTec] Caveat Emptor: Conclusion
From: aslusher@erols.com (Alan Slusher)
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 00:21:27 -0400
I would wish to associate myself with the main substance of Dave's comments
below regarding completion and closure of the transaction between myself and
the Florida ham as well.

Alan W3/ V31FA
Rockville, MD

>Hi Everyone,
>Many of you read and some responded to the previous postings regarding
>my serious differences with a ham named Jon from Hollywood, Fla..  Since
>my last posting, Jon and I have had several exchanges via e-mail.
>While we do not agree on the facts of this matter, we have appeared to
>reach an understanding that this problem was caused by poor
>communication which caused it to escalate over time. It was regrettable.
>I want it to be clear that Jon has made this transaction complete and
>final with me through the return of my money and small additional
>consideration for expenses.  As a result I now consider this transaction
>satisfactorily completed and closed.
>As this transaction is now complete, our problem should not influence
>dealings that you may wish to pursue with Jon in the future.  Jon enjoys
>trading in TenTec gear as we all do and differences between us should
>not diminish his opportunity to do so.
>Thanks to Bob KQ7J
>73 fer nw de N1LQ-Dave
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