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[TenTec] Scout band module

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout band module
From: Bill_Ames@hysoft.com (Bill_Ames@hysoft.com)
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 09:00:47 -0400
As you requested below:

(1) The module is defective
(2) You did not plug it in all the way
(3) It is actually mis labled and is a different module.
(4) It is a "dummy" module, for photos onlys (Ads etc.)
(5) Your not trying hard enough (to transmit)
(6) Your linear is on the wrong band.
(7) Try another 20 mt module.
(8) Try CW

Bill Ames ;-)


Anyone out there have problems with the band modules with their Scout
Every module I have seems to work fine, except one. 20 meters. When
I try to
transmit, all I get is a little audio feedback and no real output. Any
ideas or
Doug, N6UA

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