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[TenTec] Comments pse - OMNI-VI+ RX problem

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Subject: [TenTec] Comments pse - OMNI-VI+ RX problem
From: bcotter@pop.uky.edu (Bill Cotter)
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 12:55:22 -0400

A new problem in my OMNI-VI+ recently cropped up the receiver
section. I believe it to be in the RF or IF section, and was
wondering if any of you have experienced a similar problem.

Here is the situation: on 40M, attn off, NB min, notch off, 450Hz
BFO, both 500Hz filters in, RF gain set such that the noise floor
doesn't move the S-meter (12 O'clock), tuning onto a weak CW
signal, no S-meter movement - nice cpy, clear, crisp signal. Now
moving around the band I encounter a signal that invokes the AGC,
raises the S-meter off zero, say S-3/5/7, the CW note then becomes
more distorted the higher the level, guessing 10-20% THD at S-9,
very noticeable rasp/buzz on the note. 

Phones/speaker, or lowering/raising AF gain makes no difference.
500/250Hz filters make no difference. Turning down the RF gain, the
S-meter falls to zero and the distortion is gone. Turning off the
AGC, raising the RF gain causes the distortion to reappear when the
signal is about where it was when the S-meter indicated S-3/5/7.

Any ideas before the warranty trip back to Seiverville?

Thanks es 73 Bill N4ALG

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