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From: jmlowman@ix.netcom.com (Jim Lowman)
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 18:04:53 -0700
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> From: John Bohnert <johnb@elmhurst.edu>
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> Nr5q@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > Please help me understand. I am being perfectly sincere--this is not
> > meant to
> > be a "cute," or smart-alec type letter...What is the big deal about
> > buying a
> > good rig and then making it work as poorly as you can?
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Brucee, NR5Q
> OM
> I will attempt a response to your question.  My comments are not meant
> to convince or convict.  My comments are a personal expression about how
> I choose to participate in the fantastic hobby called "ham radio."  My
> current station consists of an OMNI V, Sierra (2-3W multiband rig), and
> I am currently building a SW40+ (2W 40 meter rig).
> I am a DX'er, CW only, do not own a mike, never have used lists, do not
> have access to a 2M spotting net and do not run more than 100W output.
> I have 327 countries worked/327 countries confirmed, with about 150
> countries worked/confirmed using a DX-60B.  My personal, repeat
> personal, satisfaction is derived by putting myself on the line chasing
> DX in a pack of kilowatt signals and having a contact with the "rare"
> country.  If I make Honor Roll...fine...if not, fine....
> In October 1997 I stumbled into a new world, the world of QRP. I have
> modified my OMNI V for rf output down to 1W and constructed the other
> station equipment mentioned above. I do not consider any of my rigs to
> "work as poorly" as I can make them.  They are well designed,
> functional, effective pieces of electronic gear.
> During the ARRL CW DX contest I worked approximately 90 DXCC countries
> with 3-5W.  Since the ARRL DX contest I have worked an additional 37
> countries, including the most recent addition of H40.  My personal sense
> of satisfaction at competing with only KW's using 100W has now changed
> to competing with almost every signal using 5W.  I have about 50 DXCC
> countries (QRP) confirmed.  I cannot even put into words how I felt when
> I worked VK on 40M with 3 watts. (I had worked VK's literally hundred's
> of times on a variety of bands).  I must admit that when I have 100
> countries confirmed I am considering very seriously working DX with 950
> mw.
> Now an interesting part of QRP is that there must be an op out there who
> responds to my signal.  While I marvel at how "skilled" I am in breaking
> a pile up chasing a "rare" one, I must also marvel at the skill of the
> op who was able to pick "N9KW" out from the pack of callers (I also do
> not attempt to sent N9KW/QRP...I do not want any benevolent responses).
> I obviously do not have commanding signal which virtually demands the
> dx-op work me in order to hear other signals.  I receive a sense of
> shared accomplishment with the other op, something that is vital to the
> growth of amateur radio.  I have discovered a strong sense of
> "community" among ops who are dedicated QRPers.
> Finally, QRP has given me the opportunity to build and to learn
> electronics...the rigs mentioned above are "simple" when compared with
> my OMNI V. At the present time on QRP-L (listserv) there are
> approximately 200 amateurs from around the world building a SW40+ rig.
> There are several amateurs who are directing the effort.  We build in
> stages.  Questions about how the circuits work, why they work...and
> elmering if they do not work are available via e-mail.  It is a
> marvelous community of learners. I have truly learned the theory which I
> knew I really did not know in passing my FCC exams.  When we finish I
> will have a rig that I can troubleshoot, repair and know well enough to
> attempt modifications.  (Something I would not do with my OMNI V).
> I REPEAT... I will attempt a response to your question.  My comments are
> not meant to convince or convict.  My comments are a personal expression
> about how I choose to participate in the fantastic hobby called "ham
> radio."
> 72 (exchange between QRP ops)/73
> John     N9KW
> Elmhurst, IL

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