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Subject: [TenTec] Re: QRP
From: w4pj@w4bkx.ampr.org (Scott)
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 98 00:30:28 -0400

Brucee NR5Q says:
"What...  about buying a good rig and making it work as poorly as you can?"

Well, for one thing, Part 97.313(a) of the FCC rules state:
"An amateur station must use the minimum power necessary to carry out the
desired communication."

As for making it work poorly, I think it's just the opposite.
Optimizing our systems is part of the process we go through in order to
be sucessful working with low power. Optimized recieving, whether it is 
using filters or specialized recieve antennas, as well as optimized
transmit antennas and related systems such as lowest loss transmission
line and connectors (and other hardware) is the aim of low power work.
Also the operator develops skills in being able to hear the weak (QRP)
signals in the noise. Contesting helps a great deal in improving the

If my station is needed in an emergency (with battery power etc.) it
will be as efficient as possible. Also the ability to hear other weak
signals (from stations in a disaster area also using battery power)
is essential to "carry out the desired communication." Of course I 
will use the QRO (KW+) if necessary. 

Being a DXer I often resort to QRO if necessary to work a "New One". 
I want to "work'em all". I also like getting cards in the mail.
But the fun of low power work is it's own reward.

de W4PJ (Scott)
-----  73  -----

P.S. Now if I can find the local noise sources that continue to plague 
     me and "Kill'em All".        ARRRGH!

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