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[TenTec] Best Paddle keyer

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Subject: [TenTec] Best Paddle keyer
From: aslusher@erols.com (Alan Slusher)
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 21:26:04 -0400
I wrote this sentence last: there is no objective best.

Can't say about the keyer, but I have had (and am continuing to have) the
pleasure of using (after purchasing about two months ago) an Hi-Mound paddle
(Model MK-706).

All I can say is: I am truly sorry I did not have one long before now.

Of course I still have my faithful BY-1 Bencher, and of course I still use
it from time to time.  It is a good paddle and I have a strong sentimental
attachment to it (I learnt cw on it, and made all my contacts from the
Caribbean on it as well).  But it does not feel quite as good as the
Hi-Mound, and adjusting it is a far more difficult proposition than the
Hi-Mound machine (not to mention connecting the wires to the keyer -
especially when you find out that Ten-Tec and MFJ wire their di-dah keyer
connections entirely differently - until you get smart enough to build a
conversion switchbox).

I highly recommend the MK-706.  I also recommend the MFJ keyers (I have both
the 407C - preferred -, and the 422B (what the Bencher came with), since the
(or at least my) OMNI-D has no built in keyer.  I am currently having great
fun using the MK-706 with the built-in keyers in the Argo 556 and the Scout
555.  Power for the 407C can be taken from one of the connectors on the back
of the OMNI-D.

Note that the handles on the '706 are narrow-spaced, in contrast to the
wider spacing on the Bencher.  Try before you buy to establish your
preferences here!

Paddle source:  Milestone Technologies   www.Morsex.com
Price: under $100 including shipping to MD.

Usual disclaimer: No financial interest; just a very satisfied customer.

Alan W3/ V31FA
Rockville, MD

>Hey fellows, what would you say the best paddle keyer to use with my Omni-D
>would be? Would like to get back in to CW and maybe QRP work. Thanks for
>                      Jim/KE5VM

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