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[TenTec] New Omni V/QRP mod

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Subject: [TenTec] New Omni V/QRP mod
From: nw9g@netusa1.net (W9SN)
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 21:41:43 -0500
Joseph Koppi wrote:
> Just bought an OMNI V Friday night and installed a full compliment of
> filters today (bought them new from TT in anticipation of getting the O/V).
> I noticed while testing on 40M that I was getting 99 watts output at the
> fully clockwise power setting, and approximately 3.5 watts at the fully
> counter-clockwise power setting.  I suppose I'll have to look inside to see
> if a QRP mod has been done.  But I was rather surprised and pleased to
> learn that the rig came QRO/QRP ready.

Been quietly watching the thead on Qrp with the Omni V.  Don't know why
but mine will go 4w on lowest drive setting and 105w on max.  
No mods but I can still say.......QRP!

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