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[TenTec] FT-736R,Corsair II w/VFO,QRP,Paragon,HTs,12v PSs,HTs,scanners..

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Subject: [TenTec] FT-736R,Corsair II w/VFO,QRP,Paragon,HTs,12v PSs,HTs,scanners...
From: ham@w3eax.umd.edu (Scott Rosenfeld [NF3I])
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 16:33:49 -0400 (EDT)
Offers considered on all.  All of this stuff is on my selling block.
Time to not lug it around anymore.

HAPPY SUMMER!  Everything plus shipping...remember, make offers...


Corsair II with external VFO, standard filters.  
Superb CW rig.  Radio needs PTO rebuild (included 
if I can find it).  Exc. cond with manual, VFO LED 
is off slightly.  Dual rx thru external VFO.  Wired 
for power supply switch to turn radio on/off.  $850.

Ten-Tec Paragon I.  It's in excellent condition, with 
standard filters; allmode rig.  I spend 99% of opera-
ting time in car, thus need for shack-bound rigs
is way, way down.  Have manual, etc.  $1000.  

A&A Engineering 20m QRP rig, minus some ICs.
Excellent condition with manual.  $65.

S&S Engineering ARK 20 QRP rig.  20m, with keyer, 
filter, built-in speaker.  Very rugged.  Pushbutton 
tuning controls - a bit strange but virtually no 
projections to bump...w/combination tilt-bail/carrying 
handle.  VG cond, a few nicks, as if it matters with 
that serious aluminum case :)  Manual included.  Incl. 
variable-power output mod.  $235.

The following three rigs are property of Marc, N4DR, who 
can be found at mapn4dr@erols.com...

Ramsey TX/RX pair, built from kits in plastic Ramsey
cases.  Puts out 1w on 20m.  VXO-tuned.  $40 for the
pair, manual included.

Oak Hills Sprint 30m xcvr; direct conversion, excellent
condition with manual.  Complete band coverage.  $65.

Oak Hills Explorer xcvr for 20m (NOT the Explorer II). 
Works well, manual is somewhere.  $70.

VHF/UHF allmode
Yaesu FT-736R, excellent condition with manual and 
keyer module.  Comes with mic and 2m/440 MHz capability.
FM/CW/SSB.  Lots of memories, 2 VFOs, satellite 
functions.  $1350.

12v power supplies
Three of them, all in great condition:  

(2) GSE 20 amp, probably good for about 16 A continuous.
(1) VHF Engineering, rated 16 A cont/22 A surge

$65 each, contact Marc, N4DR, at mapn4dr@erols.com.

2m amplifier
Motorola 2m amp, good for FM only at about 80 watts.
Rugged.  Excellent condition, asking $75.

Handheld FM radios
Excellent condition Yaesu FT-470 2m/440 MHz HT.
5w out with proper battery.  Works great, have manual.
Two receivers, no dual-in-band receive.  $240.

Alinco DJ-582T 2m/440 MHz, near-perfect condition.
Works fine, extended rcv (and xmit too, I think).
Dual receivers, AM aircraft rx, battery, charger, 
antenna, manual.  $265.

Scanners - base and handheld
Radio Shack Pro-2039 desktop scanner.  New condition
in original box w/manual.  200 channels, public
service/amateur/etc.  Cell-blocked.  Hyperscan.
$249 new, asking $150.

Radio Shack Pro-51 handheld scanner.  New condition,
200 channels, 800 MHz, with box, manual, rubber
duckie antenna.  $299 new once, asking $165.

** Scott Rosenfeld NF3I & AAR3IB/T ** http://w3eax.umd.edu/~ham **
** Burtonsville, MD FM19mc * DXCC WAC WAS * QRP-L #147 * AK-QRP **
* Waiting for 6m to open... ** ARRL Life Member/Laurel ARC/UMARA *
** 301-549-1022(h) 301-982-1015(w) *** 35 wpm HF mobile CW Neon **

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