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[TenTec] Power Supply - Hercules

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Subject: [TenTec] Power Supply - Hercules
From: rthorne@arn.net (Richard Thorne)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 06:46:09 -0500
I just got hold of a Hercules amp less the power supply.  Nice amp.

I'd like to get some ideas on power supplies.  There are two ways to go
spend the $'s on the Ten Tec supply or a pair of Astrons, or a battery
and charger.

As far as battery power is concerned; what kind of battery do some of
you use and what kind of charger do you recommend.  In addition how long
does a battery last before one has to stop operating.

I'm making the assumption that the battery will be fine for casual
dxing/rag chewing.  But how about contesting etc.  I also understand
that this will also change based on the mode that is being run.

Thanks in advance.

Richard Thorne - N5ZC (ex KA2DSY, N2BHP, WB5M)
Amarillo, TX
Home Page: http://users.arn.net/~rthorne

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