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Thank you, Ten Tec, for being there to help us. We are loyal to you
because you are loyal us.

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Subject: [LOGPlus!] Yaesu - Is the Radio Worth it?
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I want to share a recent experience with everyone because of my concerns
with the way manufactures are treating their customers.  First off, I was
a dedicated Kenwood user for over 20 years, but felt Kenwood was lagging
behind in certain areas.  After reading all the reports, talking with other 
I felt the FT-1000MP was the radio to purchase.  In March of this year, I
I purchased a Yaesu FT-1000MP from Texas Towers.  When the radio
was received, I was impressed with the receiver(s) and the functionality of
the radio overall.  Unfortunately, I found a problem with the sub-receiver
CW 455/500Hz filter..it didn't work.  The receiver would go DEAD after
switching to the 500Hz filter.  After a series of tests and talking with
two other users of the radio, I felt it was time to contact Yaesu and see
if by chance I was doing something out of the ordinary.

A week after the radio was received, I started calling Yaesu tech support.
Every attempt to communicate with them ended in RECORDING after
RECORDING.  A number of attempts were made and each and everytime,
I stayed on the phone for 30 to 45 minutes hoping someone would answer.
On three occasions, I left lengthy voice mails asking tech support to please
call so we can discuss the situation.  They NEVER called back.

>From the 3/25/98 when I started calling until Dayton, I could NEVER get
ahold of a warm body at Yaesu tech support to discuss my situation.  When
I went to Dayton, I talked with three techs.  The second tech, Jerry Darby
mentioned to me that Yaesu was having some serious problems in tech
support and could not get back to everyone.  I mentioned I had been calling
since March 25th, but never got a straight answer.  After I explained my 
he pointed me over to Mr. Margelli/K7JA.  I gave Mr. Margelli the whole story
again.  He suggested I swap the two filters to see if the problem followed.

When I returned home from Dayton, I did what Mr. Margelli suggestioned,
unfortunately, the problem not only remained the same, but screwed up the
main receiver as well.  I returned the filters to their original positions, but
unfortunately niether of the problems would go away.

I again started my attempts to contact Yaesu tech support by phone.  Again,
after a number of attempts, I could never get through to a warm body.
I finally sent at email at 3:33pm and got a prompt reply from Jerry Darby
at 5:06pm.  He was stumped and added he had already worked half his
day on this problem alone!  If that is the case, those folks in tech support 
only work 3 hours a day, no wonder they never have time to answer the phones.

Anyway, I followed Jerry's email up with some additional information and
asked if someone could please call to discuss my options.  Well, after
5 emails, I could not get them to respond to emails either.

I finally called and pressed a few other numbers on the phone and got ahold
of someone in customer service.  After that guy talked with Mr. Margelli,
it was determined that sending the radio it was the only way.  So, off the
radio went to Yaesu.

On 6/19 I received the radio back.  The invoice indicated, they replaced the
500Hz filter and repaired a loose connector.  I plug the unit it, switched over 
to the
sub-receiver on CW and switched over to the 500Hz filter...hey, noise.
However, it was a 2.4/2.0 bandwidth not 500Hz!  I checked the menu functions
and found they turned off the sub-vfo filtering system.  Once I turned it on,
I was back to SQUARE ONE!    Obviously, I was upset.  So, off to the phone
I go. I tried to call tech support, boy was I stupid, didn't I learn!  Well, no
answer again, go figure!  So, I call back and got ahold of Mr. Lynn the 
service manager.  After explaining the situation to him, he hung up and called 
back about a hour later after talking with Mr. Margelli.  He sat on the phone
with me while he was in front of an 1000MP as well.  We went though the
problem step by step and made a few changes.  He listened to each change
and came to the same conclusion I did.  It doesn't work on my unit!  So, I hear 
the  famous words "SEND IT BACK AND WE'LL FIX IT!"

By the way, I have been in communications with Gerald at Texas Towers.
Gerald indicated a concerned but did what everyone else in his position
would do....passed the buck off to Yaesu to resolve.  The last note from
Gerald was that Neil Sims from Yaesu would be calling me this afternoon.
Mr. Sims never called, I had to finally page him to call me.  Again, I hear
the famous words "SEND IT BACK AND WE'LL FIX IT!"

How can anyone trust a company after their poor track record on resolving
a customers problems.  Just answering the phone would have been a PLUS!.

After all this crap, I can assure you...I will NEVER recommend a Yaesu
radio every again.  The next radio I buy, will NOT be a Yaesu.

Use this as a learning experience. Yaesu tech support SUCKS.

Bob, N7XR

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