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[TenTec] Scout/CW question

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout/CW question
From: casey.bahr@intel.com (Bahr, Casey)
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 08:18:10 -0700

Could be the radio, but I'd look for RFI getting into the headphones first.
Make sure you have a good RF ground and every piece of equipment
is going into a common ground point (not daisy-chained). Also, you might
mention to the list what your antenna setup is as that could use
I doubt you are hurting the radio. You are probably getting RF pickup in
the headphone cord.



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> Subject:      [TenTec] Scout/CW question
> Hi, I use a Scout 555 and have been keeping on cw lately.? I usually use
> head phones.? When I increase my power past 20 watts I hear a buzzing in
> the background as I transmit.? The buzzing shadows each of my dits and
> dahs.? To me it sounds like the radio is under some sort of stress so I
> keep it under 20 watts on cw.? No problem or strange noises on ssb.? Any
> spare knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
> ?
> Jim? "I'm starting to like CW"? Crites
> 7J7ACM
> Misawa Air Base
> Japan? 
> ?
> ?

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