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[TenTec] Field Day!

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Subject: [TenTec] Field Day!
From: crobson@erie.net (Chris Robson)
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 06:54:30 -0400
>Without solicitation, visitors and fellow club members marveled at the
>VI's receiver performance and excellent sound.  It was interesting to
>hear people talk about the VI while I was running off contacts in
>rapid succession.  Many indicated it was the best rig they had ever
>Thanks Ten Tec!  You have a winning product!!!!

I second these remarks!! I had both my Omni 6 rigs  in my tent(also running
TRLOG). The comments the ops made brought a sense of pride to my efforts to
build a good station. The hams that operated the Omnis were amazed at the
difference in receive quality over the other rigs at the FD site. Needless
to say, the Omnis had more contacts than anyother equipment at the site.
The only problem we had is we could hear more than we could work. One
comment summed it up,"Wow, this is great!"

73, Chris KB3A

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