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[TenTec] Questions on Delta II

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Subject: [TenTec] Questions on Delta II
From: hmmjr@erols.com (H. M. Motley, Jr.)
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:02:18 -0400
The 1992 review of the Delta II & Argonaut II by QST was a low point in
their review process.  They went out of their way to pick every nit and
find evey fault they could.  I've never seen a more one sided and biased
review in my life.

The Delta II is a good rig.  It's not perfect but it certainly performs
well when compared with rigs in it's categoty & price class.  During FD
98, I operated my Delta II in full QSK mode for 7 hours and made 387 CW
QSO's.  I had no trouble pulling out the weak ones and maintaining a CQ
frequency with big signals 300 to 500 hz above and below me.  What more
can you ask?  The two times I've made SSB contacts with it I good
reports of excellent audio, so it works nicely on that mode too.

One of the knocks of the Delta II is that the variable bandwidth "Jones"
filter becomes more lossy and changes center frequency when narrowed. 
I've not noticed the additional loss and the change of center frequency
is easily compensated for by adjusting the pass band tuning.  So this is
a non-problem in my book!  

If you can find a nice one on the used market for a good price don't be
afraid to pounce on it!  

Puck, W4PM

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