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[TenTec] 962 Power supply noise

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Subject: [TenTec] 962 Power supply noise
From: badger@vbe.com (Michael Melland)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:00:47 -0500
I am new to the list (and to Ten-Tec, having just purchased an Omni V)
and started looking through the archives looking for info on the Ten-Tec
962 power supply.  I received one from the factory today.  Looks nice
but is it my imagination..... the darn thing is really LOUD ?!  Quite
the hum eminates from it.... I assume this is normal ?  I used to own a
960 power supply (still don't know what the diff between the 960 and 962
is.... sure look the same.... I was told the 960 was 20 amp max and the
962 is 22)) and don't recall it being this noisy.  Any comments ?

Thanks es 73
Michael Melland, KB9QHU
Winneconne, Wisconsin, USA
FISTS #4387, 10-10 #69281, QRP-L #1656
CW, SSB, and Electronics
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