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[TenTec] RE: Wanna buy a 301?

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Subject: [TenTec] RE: Wanna buy a 301?
From: reid.w.simmons@intel.com (Simmons, Reid W)
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 08:04:00 -0700

Yup, I fell for it!

I for one would be interested.  Even if they only produced the box I 
would buy one.  I built my own using Ten Tec supplied parts and a Hammond
die cast aluminum box.  I call it a "302".  It looks very professional and
just fine but it's still not the "official" Ten Tec 301.

Reid, K7YX

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Subject: Wanna buy a 301?
Author:  "Beamer; Jay" [SMTP:JBeamer@PanAmSat.com] at MSXGATE
To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Date:    9/4/98 7:46 AM

     Hello Everyone.

     Got ya, didn't I? Just a wild thought this morning. I'm in a rare
     mood. For those that know what a 301 is, we all know how fast it would
     be snapped up if someone listed one for sale on the reflector. Well,
     just got to thinking, why not take a poll as to what kind of interest
     there really is for the darn things. We know we can build one ourself
     by buying the encoder from Ten Tec and putting it in our own box, but
     for us hard core, everything must match and be authentic type
     individuals, using a project box won't do.

     So, what I'm saying is, let me know if you have an interest in a 301,
     and let me know if you wouldn't mind building it yourself. Maybe we
     can persuade Ten Tec into making the boxes, painting them, and
     sticking the logo on, and then just shipping the 301 box, the official
     coiled cable, and the optical encoder with a schematic and we could
     build them ourselves. The additional parts required would be the
     buyer's responsibility.

     I don't think anyone wants Ten Tec to do this for free, so Scott/Ten
     Tec, make it worth you while! Ten Tec has always been fair with us.
     Maybe Ten Tec would even build them. And Scott/Ten Tec, no rush on
     something like this. I think everyone would be satisfied just to know
     that they can get one in the next few months, like say, for Christmas?

     So, how many do you want and do you mind building it yourself? Let me


     Torrance, Ca.

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