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[TenTec] Need HF Rig Recommendation

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Subject: [TenTec] Need HF Rig Recommendation
From: RCV6064@aol.com (RCV6064@aol.com)
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 01:54:13 EDT
Hi all - 
I just recently subscribed to this list and this is my first post.  I recently
asked the following question of the QRP-L reflector:
" What HF rig would you buy if you had $500-$750 (closer to the $500 end) to
spend?  I intend to operate primarily CW and would like at least 80-10M
capability and 50-100W out."

The top three rigs in order of recommendation were the new K2 coming out from
EleCraft, the Kenwood TS830S and the Corsair I.  As a manufacturer, Ten Tec
received the most votes overall with the Corsair leading.  My question is
this.  What Ten Tec rig would everyone here recommend given the conditions
which I have described above?

Thanks and 73,

Rich K6TM

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