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[TenTec] RITTY on an Omni VI

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Subject: [TenTec] RITTY on an Omni VI
From: pklein@2alpha.net (Peter A. Klein)
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 01:49:33 -0700
Jim Reid wrote:

>My initial selection,  
>pending comments,  would be the following;  three can be 
>specified in the 6.3 IF,  and two in the 9MHz IF:
>    6.3 MHz IF chain:  the 250, 500 CW, and 1.8 SSB;
>    9 MHz IF chain;  the 500 CW and the 2.4 SSB.
>Not interested in the digital modes enough to spend on
>a special filter just for that (use Beezly's RITTY whenever
>the mood suits me).

You don't need a special filter if you use RITTY, Jim.  Just set RITTY's
center frequency to 700 Hz and you can use both the 9 MHz and 6.3 MHz
standard 500 Hz CW filters on RTTY and Pactor.  That's what I do.  You
don't have to turn the PBT to the 4:00 position for digi modes, you can
swoop down-band for a CW QSO without retuning the PBT, and the lower tones
are much easier on the ears.  Plus, if you have musical pitch sense, they
are easier to tune by ear as well.  The only disadvantage is that if you
use BBSes, you have to compensate for the different mark offset when tuning.

73 from KD7MW
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