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[TenTec] Model 305 level converter

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Subject: [TenTec] Model 305 level converter
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 09:51:47 -0400
I didn't check the manual before I posted the note.....I'll take a look
later....the open pins are a temptation to try a few things....

Your price list for the 301 is about right and mebbe a little low....If I
recall,  TT sold the 301 for $100....

Sorry I can't help on the Hercules..I used one at W1AW, but never peeked
sounds like blown finals or bandpass network....did someone try to use it
without a load connected??

73, Jim WB2TPS

>>I had to do the same thing for CW....but took it a step
>further...the COM
>>output from the computer goes to a switch box...the box contains
>an SSTV
>>converter...DB-25 to a TNC and a keyed reed relay for CW
>> (I use CT for contesting)...and switches all the audio leads!!!
>>Now, I'll trade a DB-25 pin for CW for a DB-25 pin to the REV
>>way I could mount a momentary switch on the remote
>VFO....wouldn't that be
>>dandy for split freq. DX'ing!!
>That sounds neat....hmmm......
>>But I think the DB-25 on the OMNI is filled up with band control
>Actually, it's not.  If you are using a homebrew DB25 cable for
>computer control/301 control, there are 10 pins on the Ten-Tec
>DB25 panel connector available to wire stuff to
>Well, there goes the weekend......
>dale, kg5u

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