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[TenTec] Contesting and the OMNI-VI+

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Subject: [TenTec] Contesting and the OMNI-VI+
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 07:49:35 -0400
The whole RIT thing has me baffeled......
During a contest I operate from the computer keyboard (es 301) and hardly
touch the radio...
on the other hand, you don't see me listed in the "top scores" section
mebbe I should start pushing those buttons....

DX'ing is another matter...The XIT comes in very handy for sliding up or
down in non-split operation....
Also, since I tend to hit the 301 with an elbow .I LOCK the main tuning knob
and tune with the RIT.


>Yes, I was describing the Omni-VI+.  But in order to clear the RIT/XIT,
>you can't just punch the clear button or the RIT and expect them to work.
> Try it.  Key the rig on CW and try to turn off RIT or XIT.  Or, press
>the clear button momentarily - it will only work if you hold it down.
>Not something you want to have to play with during a contest.    Anyway,
>that was my point.  Most other rigs I've used respond immediately - there
>is no guessing about whether it did what you wanted (well, except when I
>push the wrong button, but we won't go into that!).
> 73,  Duane     AC5AA
>On Sat, 5 Sep 1998 23:43:18 -0500 "Dale L. Martin" <kg5u@hal-pc.org>
>>>The comment about RIT, etc., is that you cannot reset controls
>>while in
>>>transmit.  I don't like it either, but I put up with it since I
>>like so
>>>much else about the rig.  You also can't switch quickly to your
>>>frequency while using RIT while transmitting (QSK).
>>We're talking about the VI PLus, right?  The few times I ever
>>turn on the RIT and use it, I have been able to move it back to
>>0.00 while transmitting.  It may not be 'quickly' as in
>>immediate, but I can do it before the transmission is over.
>>dale, kg5u

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