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From: phelbert@rica.net (Paul Helbert, Wv3j)
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 10:41:03 -0400
> It all comes down the Stereo mentality, that if it has alot of
> Knobs it must be better.

--Chris KB3A

More likely, "if it costs so much more it has to be better."

A few years back there was a fellow in Georgia who made and sold white
water canoes for about twice the price of his competition.  All his
wealthy customers defended their purchases while we paddled circles
around them in less expensive boats.  They got a nice boat fitted with a
personalized brass nameplate and a bit of personal attention from the
seller.  The rest of us bought our boats factory direct and had the
difference for gear.  Both outfits are still in business and each has
its adherents.  The Georgia fellow is now making boats which look (and
handle) a lot more like the competition.  I'm glad there are folks who
buy each for it aids competition and leads to product improvement.
The link: http://www.mohawkcanoes.com/page12.html shows my son, Eli,
Kc4uzg at work in the less expensive boat.  Since graduation he has been
paddling professionally for NOC and is on the kayak rodeo circuit.  Look
for him this weekend in Ottawa, paddling C-1 Expert, Open Canoe Expert
and FTR OC-1.  

If you see him, tell him I said to call home once in a while ;^)

Paul, Wv3j 

Boy, am I getting off topic or what?

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