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[TenTec] Contesting and the OMNI-VI+

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Subject: [TenTec] Contesting and the OMNI-VI+
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 09:22:51 -0500

>Yes, I was describing the Omni-VI+.  But in order to clear the
>you can't just punch the clear button or the RIT and expect them
to work.
> Try it.  Key the rig on CW and try to turn off RIT or XIT.  Or,
>the clear button momentarily - it will only work if you hold it

Right.  I think that's the change Ten-Tec made to accomodate
contest/dx operator's desires--didn't they actually solicit or
accept suggestions as to what features are most desirable in a
contest grade radio before or during their production of the Omni

>Not something you want to have to play with during a contest.
>that was my point.

I understand.  You want to punch it to zero quickly.  I'd like to
do that, too.  But, it's still a simple matter to spin the RIT to
zero when needed or before it's needed to move it again
(finishing an off-freq QSO, then calling CQ, and spinning the RIT
to zero).  On my Omni, I've set my CrSP (CW mode RIT Tuning Rate)
to a quarter turn to move from 0 to 1.4 kHz--gets me there and
back quickly.

Since most of my operating is QRP and do more searching &
pouncing than CQ'ing, my actual need to use RIT is minimal (zero
in last night's NASprint contest).

When I do have the opportunity to run 'em, it's amazing how many
stations are calling me off frequency (as much as 1.3 kHz).
What's happening there?  Someone with their RIT on, but not
zeroed? Likely, I suspect...there can't be that many radios
produced today or in the last 20 years that have a transmit freq
that far off from the receive freq.

Most other rigs I've used respond immediately where
>is no guessing about whether it did what you wanted (well,
except when I
>push the wrong button, but we won't go into that!).
Yeah. I expect what Ten-Tec did was draw a compromise between
what was the compelling need and what was reasonably feasible
vis-a-vis firmware configurable but not having to add buttons to
the front panel.

Maybe they should make it a software option.for the operator to
be able to reconfigure another button to be the RIT/XIT zero
button--I'm primarily a CW operator...the GN, DLY, AV, and VOX
buttons are virtually useless to me.

Also, maybe Omni VI++ (or VII?) will, instead of buttons, contain
a touch screen.  Wouldn't that be neat?


dale, kg5u

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