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[TenTec] Keying Alpha 78 w/Ten-Tec Paragon

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Subject: [TenTec] Keying Alpha 78 w/Ten-Tec Paragon
From: W4EF@pacbell.net (Michael Tope)
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 16:11:04 +-100

Was wondering what the proper configuration is for keying an Alpha 78A using a 
Paragon 585. The 585 provides a open collector TX output pin which is 
recommended for 
keying the Titan Linear, but requires a loop back to its companion TX enable 
input for proper 
operation. There is also a N.O. mechanical relay output with variable dropout 
delay which is tied 
directly to the CW key line. Would either of these two outputs be suitable for 
keying the Alpha 78?

According to the Paragon manual, in CW mode the Paragon provides for a 1 - 5 ms 
delay from key 
closure to RF envelope rise via a waveshaping circuit. The key closure signal 
is also routed thru the 
Paragon's microporcessor before its reaches the delay circuit which provides an 
additional but 
unspecified processing delay. Would the closure time of the Paragon's 
mechanical relay plus the delay 
time of the Alpha 78A be small enough to allow for proper sequencing? Or is the 
closure time of mechanical 
relay in the Paragon too slow to ensure that I am not hot switching the Alpha 
with this configuration? 

What if I want to run QSK? Does the Alpha provide a keying "loop" that is 
compatible with the 
Paragon's TX output/TX enable pins?

73 de Mike, W4EF..............

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