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[TenTec] Keying Alpha 78 w/Ten-Tec Paragon

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Subject: [TenTec] Keying Alpha 78 w/Ten-Tec Paragon
From: waltk8cv@ameritech.net (Walt Amos)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 16:57:29 +0000
Mike ...........

Holy toledo Bat Man........... You are on a quest :)

How I did it years ago .........

I have a thing called a 216B key that the telephone co. used to switch
things like an external bell. Anyway , it basically has two inputs,
PT/SSB AND CW BREAK-IN , The alpha has in and out on the back ( rca
jacks ) 

If the alpha is off my keyer or relay in rig keys through the alpha to
my radios.

If the alpha is on and the switch is in the pt/ssb position it keys
the aux in jack on the alpha and the delay in the rig holds the alpha
on and no clacking!

If the alpha is on and in cw position the key goes through the switch
and keys the aux in jack and the aux out jack keys the radio so the
alpha is ALWAYS READY!

Now if you only have ONE radio things are a little different as you
can use the out on the Paragon to the aux in and aux out on alpha to
the in jack on the paragon in cw and when you are on ssb you will need
a switch to change over to the relay out jack to the aux in on the
alpha and you MIGHT have to short out the in and out on the Paragon
but not sure as I have a bunch of radios and don't use that method. 

Probably the above is all MUCK to you but if you sit down with the two
manuals and figure out all the combinations it will come clear. If I
didn't have the 216B key you probably could do the same thing with a
patch panel or a multi contact relay and strapping contacts. 

I find I use the Alpha mostly now on SSB as I have become a qrp nut
lately! I have worn out one of the big vacuum relays and also one of
the small keying vacuum relays and have new one in the Alpha and a
spare set so they will probably never fail again with a spare on hand!
The big one cost $100 bucks years ago from Alpha! I do NOT HIGH POWER
qsk during a contest and never have, it drives me nuts. Qsk works good
on DX pile ups though!

There is a mod from TT to change the relay in the Paragon to a
TRANSISTOR and I have done that ( uses 3055 pass transistor ) and that
is quiet! It is TECHNICAL CORRESPONDENCE from Dick, K4XU, CFO # 157 on
fast draw hill billy boxes! Ask for it from scott :)

BTW for those with a corsair there is a note on the bottom of the
above TC about the side tone raspiness and a fix.

Does any of the above make sense?

Walt k8cv

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