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[TenTec] OmniVI+ Order Plan

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Subject: [TenTec] OmniVI+ Order Plan
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 09:28:22 -1000
Aloha to all who have helped me through these deliberations.
BTW,  yes,  I have been monitoring CNN all morning HST,  hi.

Will place my VI+ order and include the following TT filters:

First IF @ 9 MHz:  Two only may be specified,  I choose
the following for CW optimization

    #217,  500 Hz width, 8 pole, ladder filter

    #221,  250 Hz width, 6 pole, with CW note center at 500 Hz.

Second IF @ 6.3 MHz,  all three offered by Ten Tec

    #282,  250 Hz width CW filter

    #285,  500 Hz width CW filter

    #288,   1.8 kHz width  SSB filter.

I am very satisfied because of many,  many inputs regarding the IF
filter shielding issue,  or lack thereof to the circuit board TT filters,
because of both the experiences of many in multi-multi contest
situations without problems,   for example:

>From *Tom.  W4BQF*

................................I used my
Omni Six on several occasions, operating the 80 m position at the W3LPL
contest station and have never noticed that kind of problem. As a matter of
fact, I can say that the very opposite is true.

First, W3LPL is a long-time multi-multi contest station who typically wins
major contest, be it CQ WW DX or the ARRL DX test. The different band
positions at LPL are about 8 -10 feet apart and each band position has a
separate 1500 watt output 4-1000 amplifier. During a contest, each band
position has two operators for the entire duration of the contest. A very
heavy RF environment without a doubt. However the station has been designed
to handle these environments.

When I was there, the 160m position, which was about 8 feet away from the
80m position, when keyed would completely overload the Kenwood TS950SDX .
But at the same time, while sharing the same antenna with the TS950SDX, the
Omni Six was not affected at all and could continue with normal operations.
It will be interesting to see if just changing to another brand of radio
will fix the RF environment of the KH7 contest station.

Chester Alderman"

Also  the following excellent description regarding the overall IF
enclosure/shielding mechanicals  within the Omni:

>From Mike,  N4GU,

"The T-T filters are unshielded, in fact they are just crystals and caps
soldered to a single sided PCB with pins at the corners to plug into the
sockets on the main board. But I would be surprised if they were the source
of any signal leakage INTO the IF. They are mounted on a main board which
is mounted inside an aluminum sub-chassis that divides the rig in half,
covered with an aluminum cover for the bottom half ( there is a large
opening over the slots for the auxiliary filters), and then covered by the
aluminum outer cover. While not EMI tight, I'd be surprised if this were
the source of leakage KH7R complained of. I have used my Omni in a HP 2
radio multi for SS, but never had any problems. Maybe we weren't running
enough juice, hi?"

Hope this info is useful to some of the others who have been following
this,  and also are about to make purchase decisions.

73,  Jim,  KH7M
On the Garden Island of Kauai

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