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[TenTec] OMNI VI XMT Problem

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] OMNI VI XMT Problem
From: troy_wideman@eee.org (Troy Wideman)
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 11:04:24 -0700
OK and thanks for the tip! I'll sure check that first before calling. I
turned it on this AM and , of course, it was working. I sure hate
intermittent problems :>)
 73, Troy, W6HV

Del & Jan Seay wrote:

> Hi Troy: Two possibilities. If it only happens on 15 meters,
> it probably is the 15 meter heterodyne conversion oscillator
> dropping out.
> If it is doing it on all bands, make sure the jumper plug on
> the back from TXOUT to TXIN is in place and well seated.
> My bet is tho, that the 15 meter oscillator is the culprit and
> you should contact TenTec to see how to handle it.
> Good Luck!
> de KL7HF
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> From: Troy Wideman <troy_wideman@eee.org>
> To: tentec@contesting.com <tentec@contesting.com>
To: <tentec@contesting.com>
> Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 6:11 PM
> Subject: [TenTec] OMNI VI XMT Problem
> >
> >Hi guys,
> > I've just noticed an intermittent problem only on
> >15M transmit. I was copying a CQ on 15M CW and
> >tried to respond. There was no output at all. I
> >went to the dummy load and tried SSB, same thing.
> >I tried switching back and forth to other bands
> >and all of a sudden 15M started working. All was
> >well until the next day and the same thing
> >happened. I tried re-seating all the xtals, plugs,
> >etc., and that did not help. Now when I check, it
> >may or may not start without playing with the band
> >buttons ( so far that has worked and I can get it
> >going).
> >  Before I have to give up and call T-T for
> >guidance, does anyone have a suggestion as to what
> >I might try? Any help would be appreciated.
> > 73, es tnx, Troy, W6HV
> >
> >
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