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[TenTec] For sale - AOR7030, TT 1254 SW kit, QRP, VHF, tuner, pkt, QSYer

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Subject: [TenTec] For sale - AOR7030, TT 1254 SW kit, QRP, VHF, tuner, pkt, QSYer, SA/SA, svc mon, more
From: Scott Rosenfeld [NF3I]" <ham@w3eax.umd.edu (Scott Rosenfeld [NF3I])
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 10:20:19 -0400 (EDT)
Someone had commented I hadn't posted in a while...it's been a BUSY summer
in non-radio-related stuff.  Time to purge the closets for winter!  Most 
of these goodies are mine, others belong to friends.  

Ten-Tec model 1254 digital shortwave HF rcvr kit, unbuilt 
        and new                                                 $175
AOR 7030 general coverage HF receiver w/two add'l factory-
        installed Kiwa Filters, manual, remote control, whip 
        ant, power supply.  Excellent synchronous detection.  
        Mint condition, $1300+ new w/filters installed          $900

NorCal 49'er 40m xcvr in Altoids tin w/manual, exc.             $35
NorCal 38 Special 30m QRP xcvr in case w/manual, exc.           $40
Oak Hills 100 40m xcvr, var. BW filter w/manual, mint           $100
Oak Hills Classic 20/40m xcvr, keyer, manual, a few scuffs      $175
Ten-Tec 1340 40m QRP xcvr, built, manual, mint                  $95
Heath SB-1400 gen. cov. HF xcvr, FM unit, manual, CW 
        filter, matching 20A power supply/speaker, exc.         $650

Radio Shack 2m 30w amplifier, manual, exc. condition            $40
Radio Shack 2m 30w amplifier, w/box & manual, mint              $50
Mirage BD-35 144/440 amp, 45/35w, box & manual, mint            $125
RF Concepts VHF 1-60 2m FM amplifier, schematic, mint           $150
RS HTX-212 2m mobile rig w/mic, manual, exc.                    $150
RS HTX-212 2m mobile w/mic, manual, bracket, exc.               $160
RS HTX-212 2m mobile w/box, mic, bracket, manual, mint          $175
RS HTX-242 2m mobile w/box, mic, bracket, manual, mint          $200
Yaesu FT-470 dual band 144/440 HT, 1200 mAh 7.2v battery,
        battery, antenna, wall charger, manual, exc.            $230
RS Pro-51 handheld scan, no cell, box & manual, mint            $150
RS Pro-2039 mobile scan, no cell, box & manual, mint            $150

Nye Viking MBV-A 5 kW antenna tuner w/switches, meters,
        open wire, two coaxes, a few scratches, $850 new        $500
MFJ-260C 300w dummy load, exc., in box                          $22
Stone Mtn QSYer for Yaesu FT-757GX w/box & man, exc.            $85
Motorola 10 amp surge power supply, exc. cond.                  $50
Palomar PT-340 Tuner-Tuner, extra fuse, manual, exc.            $75
AEA PK-96 1200/9600 baud packet controller w/manual, 
        cables, excellent condition                             $120

Radio Shack 1.3 GHz handheld frequency counter, exc.            $65
Eico 667 tube & transistor checker                              $90
Heath TC-2 tube checker                                         $25
Ramsey COM-3 service monitor w/0.5 ppm time base, pager decode,
        cover and carrying handle.  Signal generator, 0-1000 
        MHz with deviation and center freq. meter, 1 kHz
        injectable tone, more.  With manual, exc. cond., 
        about $4000 new                                         $2400
KD1JV SA/SA spectrum analyzer scope adaptor, built by WJ2V
        in tan/black case w/power supply, exc. cond. w/manual
        I have a scope but haven't had any time to use this     $150

Offers considered.

Scott Rosenfeld  ARS NF3I
301-549-1022 (h)  301-982-1015 (w)
Burtonsville, MD
ham@w3eax.umd.edu  http://w3eax.umd.edu/~ham

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