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[TenTec] Exercise in Progress

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Subject: [TenTec] Exercise in Progress
From: W4NL-KA4S@worldnet.att.net (L. L. Lamb)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 12:09:31 -0400
Subject:  Thoughts relative to a new TT transceiver.

Thanks Eric, K0AVW for the idea.  It's a good one and I will learn from
others what they like in a new or additional rig.

I have an Omni VI+.  This is said as a point of departure more than
anything else. You all have heard the words that express approval of this
radio and I can add little.  The "little" is to sum it up by saying, if
there were a better rig in the world, I would have it.  That may sound
tacky and I don't mean to be.  At my age and tenure as a ham, a way would
be found! It doesn't hurt to have Rosie, KA4S as an "YL" and partner of
over 41 years, hi.

I am looking for a good rig which covers 6 meters and a TT would be my
choice for all the reasons we are familiar with.

So Eric here goes:    What I would like to see for an additional rig.

160-6 meters.
General coverage receiver.
At least one slot for a CW filter.
DSP (please like the VI+!).
Auto antenna tuner.
Band stacking registers (three would be wonderful as they would be in the
Built in keyer with memory.
Pre-amp which works on 10 and 6.
No power supply built in.
Effective Noise blanker.
Notch filter like VI+.
Method of adjusting pitch with tracking of the sidetone.
RIT with clear button.  
Twin VFOs etc.
ATTN selection, preferably variable.
Aux ant selection like VI+.
AGC Selection.
Tune button.
Reverse button.
Some memory, but not 100.
Vox controls/selection from front panel.
AND  The RIT knob the same as the main tuning knob quickly selected by a
button near            the knob. It's been done before!!
100 watts output which adjusts to QRP.
Large readout which can be seen in the sun.
Some things which I do not require on a rig of this type:

Button to remove processing.
Computer control business.
Scan of any kind.
AM Tx.

Gosh, there will be something else when I hit the "go" key, but these are
the main ones.  I would pay even more than Eric mentioned for a rig like this!

Now we all know that Eric is only trying to provoke our thoughts on a new
rig, not talking about the business side.  However, there are many facets
of the business side which says this rig would be just plain hard to do.
One of the main ones would be the number of units which would sell to
recover the cost of engineering, setting up production and many other
elements which we may not be aware.  We all want TT to do well and continue
their superior service not just to make equipment available without going
outside the States, but to provide the service after the sale.  We must
expect TT to make a profit also....it's good for all of us TTers.  

Many of us know some of the folks at the plant and if every ham could, we
would not be the least bit concerned about numbers or profits since they
would have the lion's share of the market.  People make the
product/service, be it putting the equipment out there for us or the
service when we ask silly and often stupid questions.  They treat all this
as important to them as it is to us.

I digressed a bit Eric et al.  

Put me down for a couple if one like this gets off the ground, hi

73, Lynn W4NL and Rosie KA4S

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