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[TenTec] Low end TenTec rig - Thought of some more

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Subject: [TenTec] Low end TenTec rig - Thought of some more
From: cyee@bidmc.harvard.edu (Conway Yee)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 15:07:25 EDT
Text of message from Bill_Ames@hyperion.com, 14 Sep 1998, 02:32 PM
> TT should be doing this [making a spreadsheet of the prices of
>features] but perhaps they are not willing to spend the resources to
>do so, yet.

I doubt this.  I am sure that any company that plans to stay in business
is doing exactly the same thing for future product development.  The
difference is that they are not making the results of this product
research PUBLIC.  We will find out about it when they announce a product.

tnx es 73 de Conway Yee, N2JWQ

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